Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm a dying Junior with a prom date

Wasn't able to start any drawings lately.. since i'm pretty busy with projects, macabre making and etc. I can't believe many people told me being a junior is fun.. NUH UH. Its freaking hard.

But so far so good :>

My friends are asking me to make their prom dresses, I'll be posting them soon ;) I hope I don't get lazy to take pictures of it. And I'm taking my best friend as my prom date :) So now I'm so glad I'm not one of the people making a lot of hassle with that issue but the way I was gonna ask him was a fail.

Here was my plan:

I was supposed to kneel in front of him, holding a bond paper with "Prom?" written on it in front of his house.

What happened?

When I went to his house there was a lot of people so the plan of kneeling in front of him was an instant no. A BIG NO. When I showed the paper he shook his head but I still got him as a prom date.. so hooray \:D/

Again i'll be posting the dresses I'm designing for my friends later on when I'm done with it. I'm ashamed to show the design of MY dress so I'll try to wait for the outcome first and my mom's advice as well for it.


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