Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm actually smart.

I saw this in my friend's blog and thought i should try it. I know... Its been a long time. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THE RESULTS! - Intelligence Test

This is kind of an achievement for me... I'm actually 67% smarter even though i don't know that much of American history. I did not cheat. I promise.

I'm in love with The Script again. But that doesn't mean Linkin Park is removed from 1st place in my heart. I'm deeply affected with their song "Science and Faith" It's like WHOA.
The chorus:
"You can't find faith or hope right through a telescope,
You won't heart or soul in the stars,
you can destroy anything through chemicals,
But you can't explain a love like ours"
 They're lyrics are really meaningful in their new album and I'm liking the way to what people are reacting to their songs. I wished I went to their concert when they went here. I remembered hating looking at buses with the promotional ads of The Script's concert at the back (the one with Matt's silhouette is like raised arms and then looking up)
BAHUMBUG. regretting...