Wednesday, September 29, 2010


With only a short time and sometimes a lack of cooperation, I can't take it anymore I hope that A storm will come in and suspend the school for the day. the best news that can cheer me up is probably if they frickin' move the date after the exams.
Curses TRIGO!!!! I need Talbo to teach me again D: I think she' suffering a lot already :))


I don't care if its wrong :D Rob still looks hot with a bass but the drums make him look hotter XD

Spider Monkey?

They're all looking at him! :)) All their faces looks like their saying "What the hell are you doing?!?!" or "Show-off" :))

Past and Present

When they were in college and then when Linkin Park was born. The only one who didn't look like a nerd before was Phoenix. I laughed so hard with Mike Shinoda's hair. At least his hair is looking great now :))


That's all. He is so chubby!!!! awwww~


I was looking through Tumblr and I am so grateful that I did!!!! I know now what i'm gonna ask for Christmas!!! I didn't know they had a manga thing!!! I am starting to earn money now.. But its limited :( I wish I saw this earlier..... I'm not gonna tell the link if your gonna buy it... but then your smart people. You'll discover it eventually. :))

Why Rob should be the drummer of Linkin Park

Rob is the best option that Linkin Park has.
Now here's why Joe wasn't chosen to play the drums for the band :))

Linkin Park ain't dead!!!

:)) Yeah! It looks like Rob was gonna pee on Mike Shinoda! I miss the old Linkin Park so much!!!!
Now they're older with new looks aaaaawww~
But I still love Rob. I prefer his old hair (its either the shaved one or the usual boy cut) than the long shaggy one.
I think I'm going to post different pictures of Rob everytime I go to Blogger. Yeah. I will.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Short Intro

I just realized that somehow my blog title sounds like it means that its drugs for a depressed kid but its not. This doesn't mean I'm gonna change it :P Well yeah... In the future expect some art, music, awkward fangirl moments, rants (definitely and mostly rants) and etc.
That's all for now