Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One of the reasons why I love Linkin Park

I'm a big fan of Linkin Park and I really want to share in here one of the things why I love them.

These rockstars got big hearts.

This video "Linkin Park visit Ishinomaki City with Save The Children" shows them visiting the city which was one of the victims of the Tsunami last March in Japan. I love this band because when the news of the tsunami reached them they started to make t-shirts to sell, made music as well and also made a secret show for money to be donated to Japan. They donated the money and came to visit the kids where the money will be donated. I'm proud of this band because not all bands are like them.

Hope you enjoy the video! :)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be inspired by David Desbois' Works

David Desbois.

This guy was the first guy that I followed in Deviant art ever since I joined (But now. I don't post much anymore drawings because school got my schedule packed.)  He's a guy from Canada and he uses a special technique in his works. He uses a kind of watercolor pens.. this I'm not sure but I'm really sure its watercolor.
I'm not good at describing his technique but its just really amazing. I mean it. Here's a few:

 This one is X-Men Origins: Wolverine
 Ambition. I think he posted this around 2008. Its Robert Downey Jr. :)
 Army of One. We all know who this is obviously. I love what the lighting in this one. But this one is a trading card. I love the details, and the face of humility? Amazing.
 Gathering The Crows. I loved the concept in this one. And also there's also an autographed Supernatural drawing of this one.
Vanilla Sky. In what I noticed in David Desbois' Gallery there is a lot of Star Wars. I loved this one the most even though its his newest. I prefer Anakin and Padme's happy days. This really gave out a lot of emotion because we all know on what happens to Anakin and Padme after right? (If you don't. Watch the movie.)

And yeah. That's what I want to show. David Desbois is a person worth your time. He is an amazing artist. He does commissions too. So that means you can order which I can't do since I don't have enough money to buy just a print. To look at his gallery Click HERE

well that's all for now. Such an inspiration you guys. I hope I'll get to interview him somday.. when I get the guts.


Pumpkin Panda Drawing

Decided to male this art blog some design and finally finished it. This is just the draft so yeah. It's kinda dirty. So really sorry..



I drew him after (yes pumpkin panda is a boy..even though I'm a girl. But I want him to be a boy) I thought of changing my URL. Doesn't he look cute?

And here's the photoshopped and cleaner version. Which I think will be the official mascot of this blog of mine that I hope that I'll keep on writing in it.
so yeah this is him. Well I hope you guys like this one.

 ♥ Me