Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be inspired by David Desbois' Works

David Desbois.

This guy was the first guy that I followed in Deviant art ever since I joined (But now. I don't post much anymore drawings because school got my schedule packed.)  He's a guy from Canada and he uses a special technique in his works. He uses a kind of watercolor pens.. this I'm not sure but I'm really sure its watercolor.
I'm not good at describing his technique but its just really amazing. I mean it. Here's a few:

 This one is X-Men Origins: Wolverine
 Ambition. I think he posted this around 2008. Its Robert Downey Jr. :)
 Army of One. We all know who this is obviously. I love what the lighting in this one. But this one is a trading card. I love the details, and the face of humility? Amazing.
 Gathering The Crows. I loved the concept in this one. And also there's also an autographed Supernatural drawing of this one.
Vanilla Sky. In what I noticed in David Desbois' Gallery there is a lot of Star Wars. I loved this one the most even though its his newest. I prefer Anakin and Padme's happy days. This really gave out a lot of emotion because we all know on what happens to Anakin and Padme after right? (If you don't. Watch the movie.)

And yeah. That's what I want to show. David Desbois is a person worth your time. He is an amazing artist. He does commissions too. So that means you can order which I can't do since I don't have enough money to buy just a print. To look at his gallery Click HERE

well that's all for now. Such an inspiration you guys. I hope I'll get to interview him somday.. when I get the guts.


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