Monday, November 4, 2013


So it was a happy 5 the next day but apparently UST CoS already starts their classes after the sembreak. hahaha. unlucky. So I ended up the day being with Lean because I'm sure when he comes back to studying, he's gonna be too busy and I know he'll have to concentrate but since I'm so selfish.. I keep asking for attention and it kinda sucks that I do that. Anyways, since I moved out to a new home. The mall is definitely near now to my place. It's below my condo. HAHAHAHA. lucky at the same time my mind goes "fuck. no money to buy food" hehe. So continuing, Lean got to our place around 10?ish I think and since I was fixing up our shoe rack with duct tape (awyieeee. duct tape fixes everything [but apparently it fell apart in a few hours, so no. Duct tape doesn't fix everything]) i was pretty much delayed in the timeline that i fixed up in my head to do before Lean arrives at my house. So when he got to the house, I still had to clean the bathroom, hang the laundry and take a bath. After I finished doing my chores and taken a bath we finally left to get something to eat for lunch. 

We decided to eat at Chuck's deli!!! 
^^that's my face right there. Then this guy ^^is my wonderful bestie & boyfriend, Lean. ahehehe. 

Well we only ate at Chuck's Deli like once and i ate there alone another time so i've only been to the place twice. I wanted to order what we usually order, which is The Buffy but then i felt like choosing something new for a change so you know, cherishing the moment and try something new. I looked at the other goodies in the menu and I looked at the suggestions marked with stars or a chuck's cap. We ended up eating the Chuckatsu. Some tonkatsu(?)like pork/chicken WITH bacon & their spicy garlic mayo sauce (IM GUESSING HERE SO IM SORRY IF ITS WRONG) with some onion rings. And we had the usual water.

I'm ashamed that I take pictures of my food to instagram it, but my buddy doesn't wanna have a selfie with the food so I'm ashamed enough. So hellyeah... LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS SANDWICH RIGHT THERE. When I took a bite though, I noticed that the bread was crunchy than usual but we don't care. It tastes WAY better being crunchy like that. Me and Lean were really satisfied with the meal. Well I was.. I'm not sure with him. haha. but I guess he was too. After we left Chuck's Deli, we went to the movie house. To watch what? 

yeahp. to watch THOR: The Dark World!!
Got our tickets for two and watched the movie. *spoiler* Captain America was there. AND IT WAS SUCH A CUTE... and funny scene. hahaha. 

Before the movie Lean's hot choco from Starbucks spilled on his shorts. To make matters worse, when he let me taste his hot choco.. I kind of spilled some on his sleeve. wow Mich. s m o o t h. But he said it was fine, but i feel guilty. I wanna offer to wash his shirt but I don't know which shirt I can lend him while waiting. But yeah the movie finished and we watched the clip after the first credits. But we didn't wait for the one after the black and white credits. Good thing Lean's a comic nerd that he told me the clip after was just a kissing scene. hahaha. huhuhu. STILL. After that we went home and he left.
I always feel sad when he leaves that its hard to smile to see him go. I know its kind of clingy but I don't know. It's just me. But I love it when he tells me to smile before he goes. So I did smile. And when I was back in our unit, he told me to listen to Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips. And yeah. I cried to the song. haha. 

Listen to it with me and cry as well.
He always know the right song to make me listen to when I get sad or worried or whatever. Well that's all I'm ranting out. A great start for an update to a blog that hasn't been touched for a year? or 2 years. (woops) 

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