Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip For Lunch

The day for my dad's belated birthday celebration was today. Got myself in a dress and in a gray cardigan, thanks to my classmates I learned how to use a cardigan. Stupid.
When I was in formal clothes for the trip my family was just in shorts and shirts, so yeah, I looked like a weirdo. I actually look like a teenage mom. Man, I hated that. So the trip started while my big brother had to prepare something for college so yeah, no road trip for him. Here's a list of events:
1. We were starving for breakfast
2. We didn't talk at all during the trip cause we were all starving
3. The songs in the I-pod was shuffled and I don't think my mom was enthusiastic with the fact that Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise songs played majority of the trip
4. Had a pit stop and my dad discovered why we weren't talking at all
5. Bought chips for my dad with my little brother (I looked like I was his mom because of what I wore)
6. A complete stranger almost burnt my little brother's face with her cigarette (Good thing I made my little brother stop walking or else he would have a burnt mark on his face)
7. Ate regular sized fries from McDonald's and that even didn't make us near to full
8. My dad said we were going to eat breakfast in Tagaytay which was still far from where we stopped
9. We arrived and it was foggy.
10. I imagined like we were in the movie "The Mist" and started imagining creepy crawlies
11. We ate in McDonalds and instead of it being our breakfast it was our lunch
12. My sister slipped in front of many people at the McDonald's cashier (I texted it to people who I was texting at that time and they all laughed)
13. BlahBlahBlah.. we went to Starbucks and the fog was clearing up
14. I think i saw  look alike of  Graffiti artist :DELTA!!!!!
15. Blahblahblah'

My dad gave me a time limit so i have to stop typing now.... I'm gonna post some drawings in the future

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